Is Ed Rendell a Democrat or Republican?

Is Ed Rendell a Democrat or Republican?

Democratic Party
Ed Rendell/Parties

What nationality is Ed Rendell?

Ed Rendell/Nationality
New York City, U.S. Edward Gene Rendell (/rɛnˈdɛl/; born January 5, 1944) is an American lawyer, prosecutor, politician, and author.

Who is Ed Rendell’s wife?

Marjorie Rendellm. 1971–2016
Ed Rendell/Wife

Who Did Midge Rendell marry?

Ed Rendellm. 1971–2016
Marjorie Rendell/Spouse

Is Tom Wolf a Republican or Democratic?

Tom Wolf/Parties

Who is Pennsylvania governor now?

Tom Wolf (Democratic Party)Since 2015

What disease does Ed Rendell have?

Governor Ed Rendell: Living With Parkinson’s Disease | Good Shepherd Penn Partners.

When was Tom Corbett Governor of Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Thomas Wingett Corbett Jr. (born June 17, 1949) is an American politician and attorney who served as the 46th governor of Pennsylvania from January 18, 2011 to January 20, 2015.

What is Pennsylvania’s nickname?

Coal State
Keystone StateOil StateQuaker StateState of Independence

Which position is Josh Shapiro running for *?

Shapiro had long been expected to run for governor of Pennsylvania and on October 13, 2021, Shapiro announced he is running for governor in the 2022 election. He is widely viewed as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination and as a strong general election candidate given his powerful fundraising ability.

Can Tom Wolf run for governor again?

The 2022 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2022, to elect the governor of Pennsylvania and lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. Incumbent Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is term-limited and cannot seek re-election to a third term.

Is Tom Wolf still governor?

Thomas Westerman Wolf (born November 17, 1948) is an American politician and businessman serving as the 47th and current Governor of Pennsylvania since 2015….

Tom Wolf
Assumed office January 20, 2015
Lieutenant Mike Stack John Fetterman
Preceded by Tom Corbett

When did Ed Rendell run for governor of Pennsylvania?

He developed a reputation for being tough on crime, fueling a run for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1986, which Rendell lost in the primary. Elected Mayor of Philadelphia in 1991, he inherited a $250 million deficit and the lowest credit rating of any major city in the country.

What did Ed Rendell do in his first year in office?

Later that year, the Rendell administration passed a prescription drug plan that covered older Pennsylvanians. In his first year, Rendell created the Office of Management and Productivity with the goal of cutting $1 billion in administrative expenses by the end of his first term.

When did Ed Rendell run for mayor of New York?

Bill Clinton, Joe Hoeffel, Ron Klink, Ed Rendell, and Chaka Fattah at an event for the U.S. Patients’ Bill of Rights. In 1987, Rendell ran for the Democratic nomination against the incumbent mayor, Wilson Goode and lost. Rendell ran successfully four years later, in 1991.

When did Ed Rendell sign executive order 2-96?

In 1996, Rendell signed an executive order, 2-96, which allowed same-sex couples of Philadelphia health benefits. When he announced his intent to run for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania, he did so without the backing of the state party.

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