How were Lewis and Clark supposed to treat Native Americans?

How were Lewis and Clark supposed to treat Native Americans?

Lewis and Clark endeavored to obey Jefferson’s instruction that “in all your intercourse with the natives, treat them in the most friendly and conciliatory manner which their own conduct will admit.” Even so, they stole a canoe from the amiable Clatsop chief Coboway when it served their purpose.

What was Lewis and Clark relationship with the natives?

The relationship that Lewis and Clark had with the Native Americans was mainly peaceful. Having Sacajawea as an asset to their traveling group was most helpful; most indians would see this woman and her baby as peaceful. So Lewis and Clark didn’t really have many problems with most of the indian tribes.

What did Lewis expect from the Indians?

What did Lewis expect from the Indians? Guidance through unfamiliar territory, friendliness, horses, and supplies.

How did the Lewis and Clark expedition affect Indian relations?

To indigenous Americans, however, the Lewis and Clark Expedition symbolizes a devastating U.S. citizen invasion that challenged their ways of life. As eastern populations moved West, the government enacted policies of removal and relocation to free up land for new settlers.

Why do you think Jefferson wanted Louis and Clark to make friends with the Native Americans that lived in the territory?

The corps set about making friends with native tribes while simultaneously attempting to assert American power over the territory. Hoping to overawe the people of the land, Lewis would let out a blast of his air rifle, a relatively new piece of technology the Indians had never seen.

What did the Indians do to help Lewis and Clark?

The bilingual Shoshone woman Sacagawea (c. 1788 – 1812) accompanied the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition in 1805-06 from the northern plains through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and back.

How did Jefferson instruct Lewis to interact with the American Indian groups they encountered?

What were President Jefferson’s instructions to Lewis and Clark about how to deal with the Native Americans? They were told to be friendly to them. Lewis packed his specimens and Clark made detailed maps.

How did Lewis and Clark communicate with Jefferson?

President Jefferson and he devised a secret code just in case the expedition needed to send a message back to Washington, DC. Now, you can use the same code to send and decode messages with your friends. But, you need a secret password. Lewis and Clark used the word ‘Artichokes’.

What were two results of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Nevertheless, the expedition contributed significant geographic and scientific knowledge of the West, aided the expansion of the fur trade, and strengthened U.S. claims to the Pacific. Clark’s maps portraying the geography of the West, printed in 1810 and 1814, were the best available until the 1840s.

What happened to the Natives after Lewis and Clark expedition?

In the half-century after the Lewis and Clark expedition helped open the West to white settlement, Native Americans were removed to reservations, ravaged by disease and poverty, and forced to abandon language, religion and culture. Thousands died through disease and in a futile rebellion.

What was Jefferson’s policy toward the Indians?

Jefferson wanted to expand his borders into the Indian territories, without causing a full-blown war. Jefferson’s original plan was to coerce native peoples to give up their own cultures, religions, and lifestyles in favor of western European culture, Christian religion, and a sedentary agricultural lifestyle.

What did Jefferson tell Lewis and Clark to do?

Jefferson instructed Meriwether Lewis, who commanded the expedition jointly with William Clark, to seek new trade routes, to befriend the western tribes of Indians, and to report on the geography, geology, astronomy, zoology, botany, and climate of the West.

Why did Lewis and Clark go to the Indians?

The traditional answer has been that the Indian objectives pursued by Lewis and Clark reflected Jefferson’s lifelong fascination with native American cultures. But there was more than one mind and one set of motives behind the expedition’s Indian questions and its general policy toward native people.

What did Lincoln ask Jefferson about the Indians?

Lincoln’s April 17 letter to Jefferson suggests that the early draft of instructions he saw contained very little about Indians. To remedy this deficiency, Lincoln urged Jefferson to include questions about tribal religions, native legal practice, concepts of property ownership, and Indian medical procedures.

Why was the civilization program important to Jefferson?

The desire for land raised the stakes of the “civilization program.” Jefferson told his agents never to coerce Indian nations to sell lands. The lands were theirs as long as they wished, but he hoped to accelerate the process.

Why did Lewis and Clark take cowpox with them?

Although Jefferson was acquainted with smallpox inoculation, it appears that Lincoln was the first to suggest that Lewis take some cowpox matter along to administer to the Indians. If they were to have extensive contact with whites, they needed to be protected against smallpox.

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