How much did it cost to make Paranormal Activity 2?

How much did it cost to make Paranormal Activity 2?

3 million USD
Paranormal Activity 2/Budget

What year is paranormal activity 2 set in?

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) Set in August 2006, one month before the events of the first film, Katie’s sister Kristi and her family reside in Carlsbad, California, where they experience strange activity after her baby, named Hunter, is born.

How old is Katie Featherston?

39 years (October 20, 1982)
Katie Featherston/Age

How much did Paranormal Activity 3?

207 million USD
Paranormal Activity 3/Box office

How much did the Blair Witch Project Make?

300,000 USD
The Blair Witch Project/Budget

When did Paranormal Activity 3 come out?

October 21, 2011 (USA)
Paranormal Activity 3/Release date

Who robbed the house in Paranormal Activity 2?

The only thing stolen is a necklace that Kristi’s sister, Katie, gave to her. Martine, the Latin American family housekeeper and nanny, senses “evil spirits” in the house and burns sage to rid the house of them, and Daniel fires her for doing so.

Is there a Blair Witch 3?

Blair Witch (also known as Blair Witch 3) is a 2016 American found footage supernatural horror film directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett.

Where are Katie and Hunter?

Hunter and Katie’s whereabouts remain unknown until Paranormal Activity 4, when Hunter is adopted in Henderson, Nevada by Alex’s family and is re-named Wyatt.

How much does Katie Featherston make?

Katie Featherston net worth: Katie Featherston is an American actress who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Katie Featherston was born in Texas, and went on to graduate from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

How much did Paranormal 4 make?

142.8 million USD
Paranormal Activity 4/Box office

What year does Paranormal Activity 4 take place?

Plot Summary (4) The story takes place in 2011, five years after Katie killed her boyfriend Micah, sister Kristi, her husband Daniel; and took their baby, Hunter. Story focuses on Alex and her family experiencing weird stuff since the new neighbors moved in the town.

Is there a sequel to the movie Paranormal Activity?

The film is the first (chronologically, the third) entry in the Paranormal Activity film series. A parallel sequel and prequel, Paranormal Activity 2, was released in 2010.

What was the gross for Paranormal Activity 2?

Paranormal Activity 2 broke the record for biggest midnight gross for an R-rated film with $6.3 million, beating the previous record-holder Watchmen by $4.6 million, and broke the record for biggest opening for a horror movie of all time.

When did Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones come out?

The fifth installment, The Marked Ones, was released in 2014, and the sixth installment, The Ghost Dimension, was released in 2015. In 2006, San Diego couple Katie and Micah are facing a dilemma regarding a demon that has haunted Katie since childhood, which psychic Dr. Fredrichs suggests is feeding off negative energy and intent on tormenting her.

Who are the main characters in paranormal activity?

In August 2006, a “burglary” occurs at the home of Kristi ( Sprague Grayden) and Daniel Rey (Brian Boland), trashing their house and leaving only their infant son Hunter’s bedroom untouched. The only thing stolen is a necklace that Kristi’s sister, Katie, gave to her.

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