How much coastline does Australia have?

How much coastline does Australia have?

The Australian coastline extends approximately 34 000 kilometres (excluding all small offshore islands) and includes more than 1000 estuaries.

How long is the coastline of Russia?

37,654 km
Geography of Russia

Continent Asia Europe North America
• Total 17,125,192 km2 (6,612,074 sq mi)
• Land 95.78%
• Water 4.22%
Coastline 37,654 km (23,397 mi)

Which country has the most coastal area?


Country The World Factbook Coast/area ratio (m/km2)
Rank (WRI)
World 11.0
Canada 1 29.2
Norway 2 175

How long is Norway’s coastline?

Norway has the second longest coastline in the world after Canada, with a length of 100,915 km including all the islands.

How much of Australia’s coastline is beaches?

Nearly forty percent of the total coastline length comprises island coastlines. Along its 36,735 kilometres of coastline are in excess of 10,000 beaches, many of spectacular beauty.

How many miles is Australia coast to coast?

The distance between the east and west as the crow flies is 4,030 km (2,500 mi), or 3,685 km (2,290 mi) from north to south. The westernmost capital city in Australia is Perth, and the easternmost capital city is Brisbane.

What county has the longest coastline?

1. Canada. It is the world’s second largest country by total area, also has the longest coastline of all the countries of the world. 202,080 km long coastline of the country, the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Arctic Ocean in the north.

How long is the coast of Chile?

6,435 km
Chile’s coastline is 6,435 km (4,000 miles) long and exercises exclusive rights, claims in varying degrees, and sovereignty over a maritime area known as the Chilean Sea.

What coast is Norway?

The coastline of Norway is formed along the Skagerrak, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Barents Sea. This considers only the mainland coastline and excludes Svalbard. A straight line along Norway’s sea borders (the coastal perimeter) is 2,650 kilometers (1,650 mi) long.

Which county has the longest coastline?

Cornwall is the county with the longest coastline (1,086km) followed by Essex (905km) and Devon (819km).

How many beaches does Australia have in 2020?

Australia has almost 12,000 beaches along it’s 60,000-kilometre (37,282-mile) coastline.

Where does the United States share a coastline?

The country shares its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Arctic Ocean to the north of Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico towards the southwest.

Which is the second longest coastline in the world?

Canada has the longest total coastline in the world. The country’s 202,080 km/ 125,567 miles long coastline fronts on the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world at 99,083 km/61,567 miles.

Is the length of a coastline well defined?

The coastline paradox states that a coastline does not have a well-defined length. Measurements of the length of a coastline behave like a fractal, being different at different scale intervals (distance between points on the coastline at which measurements are taken).

How big is the US coastline in km?

Coming in 8th, the US has a total coastline of around 19,924 km, and 23 states of the country have a coastline to call their own. As per the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, a coastline is defined as “the particular shape of the coast, especially as seen from above, from the sea, or on a map”.

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