How many Wycliffe books are there?

How many Wycliffe books are there?

22 Books
Wycliffe Book Series (22 Books)

Who wrote the Wycliffe novels?

W. J. Burley
The Wycliffe Novels/Authors
About the Author W.J. Burley lived near Newquay in Cornwall, and was a schoolmaster until he retired to concentrate on his writing. His many Wycliffe novels were extremely popular and were adapted for a highly successful TV series starring Jack Shepherd. W.J.

Where are the Wycliffe novels set?

Burley is best known for the novels featuring Chief Superintendent Wycliffe, which form the most notable detective series ever to have been set in Burley’s beautiful native county, Cornwall. Yet when he died in 2002, Burley’s passing was scarcely noticed in the crime fiction world, a mystery in itself.

What is the name of the chief superintendent in Wj Burley cornish based novels?

Charles Wycliffe
Charles Wycliffe is a fictional English detective superintendent, created by author W. J. Burley. He featured in twenty-two novels….

Charles Wycliffe
Nationality British

Why was Wycliffe Cancelled?

The series was cancelled because Jack Shepherd refused to continue in the title role when the producers sacked Jimmy Yuill (Det. Insp. Doug Kersey) “for insurance reasons” after he contracted life-threatening meningitis during filming, and then would not reinstate him even though he made a full recovery.

Who played Stevens in Wycliffe?

Michael Attwell
There are three narrative avenues opened up at the beginning: Lucy’s being sized up as a high-flyer by the new DCC Stevens (Michael Attwell), much to Doug’s alternate amusement and annoyance (he’s old-style policing and not on Stevens’ radar); Wycliffe’s attending to an old man with a heart condition in a prison cell …

Why was Wycliffe on sick leave?

Wycliffe was a police drama, based on the series of novels W.J. During the filming of the final series, Jimmy Yuill (who played Wycliffe’s sidekick DI Doug Kersey) fell ill, and though he made a full recovery, the producers refused to allow him to return to the programme for insurance reasons.

Does Wycliffe get shot?

A feature-length ‘special’ was filmed between Series 4 and Series 5, which ended with Wycliffe being shot by a criminal.

How old is Wycliffe?

Series 1. The first series of Wycliffe was originally aired on the ITV network in the summer of 1994. The pilot episode was originally aired one year earlier than the commissioned first series, in the summer of 1993.

What happened to Wycliffe?

In 1381, the year when Wycliffe finally retired to Lutterworth, the discontent of the labouring classes erupted in the Peasants’ Revolt. That year, Wycliffe suffered his first stroke at Lutterworth; but he continued to write prolifically until he died from a further stroke in December 1384.

When did Kersey leave Wycliffe?

The character of Doug Kersey was written out of the last two episodes of what became the final series.

Who is the woman in Wycliffe?

Lynn Farleigh – Helen Wycliffe She is married to the actor John Woodvine (who played an Archbishop in Netflix’s The Crown) and together they have two children.

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