How many M1 garands did Springfield make?

How many M1 garands did Springfield make?

M1 Garand

U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1
Manufacturer Springfield Armory Winchester Harrington & Richardson International Harvester Beretta Breda F.M.A.P. Springfield Armory, Inc. (civilian)
Unit cost About $85 (during World War II) (equivalent to $1,270 in 2020)
Produced 1934—1957
No. built 5,468,772

Where are the numbers on a M1 Garand?

The first step in dating your M1 Garand is to find the serial number. This is stamped into the rifle’s receiver, the part housing the operating parts of the rifle.

When did Winchester make M1 Garand?

The first one hundred rifles, under that Order, were shipped on 27 December 1940. On 20 September 1939, Winchester received its first of many production contracts for additional rifles. Government records indicate Winchester delivered 513,880 M1 rifles between December 1940 and June 1945.

When did Springfield Armory stop making M1 garands?

The last Springfield Armory-made National Match M1 rifles were turned out in 1963.

How good was the M1 Garand?

The M1 Garand service rifle was one of the outstanding American weapons of the twentieth century. Simple, sturdy, and well designed for its time, the Garand gave U.S. Army soldiers and Marines far greater firepower than their enemies—and allies too for that matter.

When was my M1 carbine made?

* All dates and serial numbers are approximate *

All M1 Carbines 1941-45
Manufacturer Serial # Start Date End
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 6 Dec 41
Inland Manufacturing Division of GM 6 Sept 43
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 1000000 Feb 44

Who made the M1 Garand?

John Garand
Manufactured at Springfield Armory, Springfield, Ma. on July, 31, 1931, this hand made, gas-operated, semi-automatic experimental rifle by John Garand was the prototype . 30” caliber rifle that developed into the US M1 Rifle. A modified M1 rifle developed by John Garand in 1944-45.

When did Springfield stop making M1 Garand?

Did Winchester make an M1 Garand?

Although the company did not manufacture any M1 rifles after World War II, large numbers of the refurbished Winchester M1s were issued during the post-war years. The Winchester Garand is a great example of how America’s civilian arms makers assisted this nation’s efforts in time of war.

How long was the M1 Garand in service?

For over twenty years, from 1936 to 1957, it was the dependable friend of millions of United States soldiers, Marines, and sailors. Officially called the M1 rifle, this weapon that helped win the Second World War was often simply referred to as “The Garand.”

What did soldiers think of the M1 Garand?

The M1 Garand was easily the best main battle rifle of the Second World War, and it was praised by the GIs who carried it, but also by General Dwight D. Eisenhower who had described it as the weapon that won the war. The highest praise came from Gen. George S.

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