How long does it take to learn a drum cover?

How long does it take to learn a drum cover?

Re: how long to learn drum covers Can be anything from 2 days to a few months. Depending on the song. Also depends on how much time you have to play.

Who is Cobus drummer?

Pieter Jacobus Potgieter (born: October 23, 1986 (1986-10-23) [age 35]), better known online as Cobus, formerly deedlebag, is a South African drummer who is best known for his drum covers and for starting the YouTube Band Project. He is the 2nd most subscribed drummer on YouTube.

Are drums easier than guitar?

Both drums and guitar are as hard as you want to make them. If you just want to play a little in your spare time and learn a few songs, the guitar is probably the easier option. With a few basic chords, you can play popular rock songs, impress your friends and have a little fun.

Can you start drumming at 30?

At the end of the day, it is never too late to learn to play the drums. Taking drum classes in adulthood will be one of the best journeys you take in life. Whether you are 30, 50, or 70, you can learn to play the drums, and Music House would love to help you learn.

Is Cobus a good drummer?

He is popular and successful due to his innate talents as well as his pure love and passion for playing the drums. With well over 100 million views, he is now considered the second most subscribed to drummer on YouTube.

What does drum cover mean?

It’s actually not a new thing. Nearly ALL live TV appearances are just the band miming over the studio recording, so the drummer is just playing a cover (granted, of their band’s hit, which has more status than playing someone else’s hit).

Which is harder piano or drums?

The drums are an easier musical instrument for beginners to start with compared to the piano. However, the drums are just a difficult instrument to master as the piano. It takes only a few drum lessons to be able to play basic grooves, for instance, the basic rock rhythm.

Who was the first cover drummer on YouTube?

In the YouTube community, he is considered to be the first YouTube cover drummer. Born in Carnavon, South Africa, Cobus grew up in a non-musical family. In fact, he didn’t touch a drum until he was 16.

How did Cobus Potgieter learn to play the drums?

The brilliant drummer, Cobus Potgieter, is a self-taught drummer. He did not learn how to play the drums in school, from his parents, or a music teacher. He has not had any formal training at all, ever. What Cobus Potgieter possesses is a natural, raw talent when it comes to his musical prowess.

Where can I learn to play drum covers?

There’s no shortage of high-quality instruction here on, which combines many of the different methods of teaching. But there may be one method that is often overlooked in drum instruction, that not only helps you improve your drumming considerably, but may even be the most fun: playing drum covers.

Who are the members of the band Cobus?

The musicians were : Justin Hicks (Vocals), Bear Rose (Guitar), BJ Bryant (Vocals and Guitar) and Evans Collins (Bass). They managed to complete a studio album in a month’s period, entitled Way Up Here.

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