How fast did Ryne Duren throw?

How fast did Ryne Duren throw?

Ryne Duren, an All-Star pitcher known for a 100-mph fastball, occasional wildness and Coke-bottle glasses that created a most intimidating presence on the mound, has died at his winter home in Florida. He was 81.

Was Ryne sandberg named after Ryne Duren?

Ryne Sandberg was named after a baseball player: former Yankees all-Star pitcher Ryne Duren. Sandberg was named after former Yankees all-star pitcher Ryne Duren. His older brother, Del, was named after Phillies outfielder Del Ennis. Since the Phillies are 12 games under .

Who has the best batting average on the Phillies?

Batting Statistics

Player AVG SF
Spencer Howard .333 0
Matt Vierling .324 1
Bryce Harper .309 4
Jean Segura .290 4

How much is a Ryne Sandberg card worth?

Sandberg’s 1983 Topps rookie card is valued around $370 in PSA 10. A 9 is still a good value around $30. The 1983 Sandberg Fleer (and the 1983 Donruss) picture him at bat in his 1980s “Cubbie Blue” pinstripe uniform. The ’83 Fleer has proven to be the most plentiful in Gem Mint 10 and prices reflect the availability.

How much is a Ryne Sandberg autograph worth?

SMR Price Guide

3×5/AP Gum Card HOFPlakG
$30 $40 $65

Who has the most home runs on the Phillies?

Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt has hit the most home runs in Philadelphia Phillies franchise history with 548 home runs.

Who has the most home runs in 2021?

Enrique Hernandez
MLB Postseason Stat Leaders 2021

Home Runs HR
1 Enrique HernandezBOS 5
1 Jose AltuveHOU 5
1 Rafael DeversBOS 5
4 Chris TaylorLAD 4

How much is a Ryne Sandberg rookie card worth?

Ryne Sandberg Rookie Card Value The 1983 Topps Ryne Sandberg rookie card is valued at about $700 in PSA 10 condition according to PSA’s own Sports Market Report Price Guide. That card checks in at $50 in PSA 9 and about $20 in PSA 8.

Who has the most stolen bases on the Phillies?

Individual Records – Batting

Most total bases: 445 Chuck Klein 1930
Most RBIs: 170 Chuck Klein 1930
Most strikeouts: 199 Ryan Howard 2007
Most stolen bases: 72 Juan Samuel 1984

Who has the most stolen bases in 2021?

MLB Postseason Stat Leaders 2021

Stolen Bases SB
1 Mookie BettsLAD 6
2 Cody BellingerLAD 5
2 Kyle TuckerHOU 5
4 Chris TaylorLAD 3

What kind of baseball player was Ryne Duren?

Ryne Duren. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Rinold George “Ryne” Duren (February 22, 1929 – January 6, 2011) was an American relief pitcher in Major League Baseball. He was known for the combination of his blazing fastball and his very poor vision.

When was Ryne Duren traded to the Orioles?

September 21, 1956: the Baltimore Orioles sent Ryne Duren to the Kansas City Athletics to complete an earlier deal made on September 17, 1956. September 17, 1956: The Baltimore Orioles sent a player to be named later and Jim Pisoni to the Kansas City Athletics for players to be named later.

When did Ryne Duren go to the Angels?

He was so wild that he allegedly hit a player in the on-deck circle. Duren stayed with the Yankees until May 8, 1961, when he was traded to the Los Angeles Angels; Duren, Johnny James, and Lee Thomas went to the Angels in exchange for Tex Clevenger and Bob Cerv.

When did Ryne Duren get the Yankee Family Award?

In 1983, Duren was presented with the Yankee Family Award for his conquering alcoholism, and for service as an alcohol abuse educator. In 2003, Duren and author Tom Sabellico wrote the book, I Can See Clearly Now. Duren talks from the heart about life, baseball and alcohol. The foreword was written by Jim “Mudcat” Grant.

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