How does the speaker feel about Celia?

How does the speaker feel about Celia?

The speaker feels that Cecilia is a beautiful and good young woman. He refers to her as the “perfect rose,” and tells her husband: For thee she grew, for thee she…

What inference can you make about the speaker in song to Celia?

You can infer, for example, from the first four lines that the speaker and the object of the poem have some deep bond. The speaker is implying that the two of them can talk to each other with their eyes. This is something that only happens between people who have a pretty intimate relationship.

How did the Speaker take it what does it say about him song to Celia?

In this poem by Ben Jonson, the speaker asks his beloved, the titular Celia, to “drink to me only with thine eyes.” In this, he means that instead of drinking to him physically—that is, toasting him, or otherwise acknowledging him, with the use of alcohol—she should, instead, only throw him a look, and he will be …

What is the theme of the poem Song to Celia?

Themes. ‘Song; to Celia’ by Ben Jonson is an interesting love poem that encompasses the theme of love. There are two important sub-theme under the major theme of love. One is the physicality of love and another is the spirituality of love.

How does the speaker feel about Celia in song to Celia?

Jonson’s “Song: To Celia” is a love poem. The speaker is declaring his love to Celia and asking her to give him any sign that she might return his love. He is wooing her through his verses.

What promises does he make in song to Celia?

Traditionally, a lover would toast his or her love and drink a glass of wine; here, the poet asks only for a pledge from Celia’s eyes—a loving look—that he promises to return in kind. Even better, if she will “leave a kiss but in the cup” (that is, pledge a kiss), he will forget about wine.

What does the speaker in song to Celia suggest that the speaker and Celia can do with their eyes?

Terms in this set (15) people should envy the dead, not grieve. What does the speaker in “Song: To Celia” suggest that the speaker and Celia can do with their eyes? A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning contains a metaphysical conceit.

Why does the speaker like love to a bee?

Love in my bosom like a bee, Doth suck his sweet; The poet indicates that love for someone has overtaken him and that it causes him to even lose sleep at night. In essence, the poet is saying that love controls his thoughts and actions day and night.

Why does the speaker liken love to a bee?

She personifies love as a bee in most of the poem, but also as the god Cupid in the final stanza. The idea is that when you are in love, the thoughts and emotions of love seem to interfere with everything you do, like a bee that is buzzing around your body.

Why did the speaker send the rosy wreath?

Celia’s beauty is so amazing, Jonson’s speaker argues, that it can give immortality. So he sends her a wreath of roses, not so much to honour her, but because it (and he) hoped that, by being near Celia it wouldn’t die – it wouldn’t wither. Because she has this power of immortality, hopefully the roses would live.

What is the meaning of song to Celia?

Jonson’s “Song: To Celia” is a short monologue in which a lover addresses his lady in an effort to encourage her to express her love for him. As a result, the poem becomes a lively, expressive song extolling the immortality of love.

Which one of these concepts are being symbolized in the poem Song to Celia?

Drinking, Immortality, and flowers are the concepts being symbolized in the poem. “Song To Celia” is a seventeen-line iambic poem. The mood of this poem, is direct towards Love, desperation, and courtship. In “Song to Ceila” there are 4 stanzas, which consists of 4 quatrains.

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