How do you say we go to the movies in French?

How do you say we go to the movies in French?

We’re going to the movies. On va au ciné.

How do you say to the movies in French?

go to the movies {verb} he’s always ready to go to the movies! pour aller au cinéma il est toujours présent !

How do you say to go to the movies?

I mean there are options:

  1. I am going to the cinema tonight. Way too much certainty in this. For me it means that you have already bought tickets, the least.
  2. I am going to go to the cinema tonight. Sounds a bit awkward.
  3. I will go to the cinema tonight. Sounds too formal to me.

How do you say I like the movies in French?

J’aime ce film.

How do you say I’m going to the cinéma in French?

Je vais au cinéma. Ich gehe ins Kino.

How do you say I am watching a movie in French?

You would indeed say “Je regarde un film”.

How do you say are you going to the movie theater in French?

We’re going to the movies. On est censé aller au cinéma.

What are your go tos?

plural go-tos also go-to’s. Definition of go-to (Entry 2 of 3) : someone or something that is regularly or repeatedly chosen or employed for reliably good results A neat pour of rye whiskey is usually my go-to after making cocktails all night; they have a great selection to choose from.—

Is cinema a British word?

“The cinema” is chiefly British. “Theater/theatre” is said of places where plays are shown, however if you modify it to “movie theater” then you have a theater where films are shown. “Movie house” can also be used.

How do you say I like to go to the cinéma in French?

veux-tu aller au cinéma?

How do you say do you want a croissant in French?

pourrais-je / puis-je avoir un croissant s’il vous/te plaît?

How do you say movie night in French?

Soirée Cinéma Français (French Movie Night)

How do you say a movie in French?

1 – How do You Say Movie in French? The French translation for movie is “un film”. “Movies” in the plural can either be “des films” when referring to several movies, or “le cinéma” when referring to going to the movies for example : aller au cinéma.

What does the French word regarder mean in English?

On the contrary, the French verb “regarder” means to watch in English: it’s a decision, an intention to carefully look at something. The difference is made simple with this example: “I didn’t mean to watch, but I saw”…

What are the different types of French movies?

6 – Movie Types in French un film – a movie (for info, a play is “une pièce de théâtre) une comédie – a comedy une comédie musicale – a musical (comic or not…)

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