Did Mario Strikers Charged sell well?

Did Mario Strikers Charged sell well?

Official Nintendo Magazine praised the pick-up and play feel of the game, giving the game a 91%. As of March 31, 2008, 1.77 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide, with 240,000 being sold in Japan.

Who made Mario Strikers Charged?

Next Level Games
Mario Strikers Charged/Developers

Is Super Mario Strikers on Wii?

– The captains from Super Mario Strikers are back, joined by four new ones, and now you can create your own original team by mixing and matching your captain with an all-new cast of sidekicks. – Building on the frantic fun of Super Mario Strikers, this game gets you into action only possible on the Wii.

How many players is Mario Strikers Charged?

four players
Up to four players can participate in this game as play soccer, attempting to kick the ball into another opponent’s goal; the soccer in this game, however, has several differences than the real soccer, such as the ability to tackle other players with minimal penalty, using Mario-themed items to give players an …

Will there be another Mario Strikers?

series. The Vancouver-based studio is also behind the Mario Strikers franchise, so it could happen sooner rather than later. However, with the recency of the acquisition, a new Mario Strikers game is more likely to come in 2022.

When did Mario Strikers come out?


Super Mario Strikers
Series Mario Strikers
Platform(s) GameCube
Release EU: November 18, 2005 NA: December 5, 2005 JP: January 19, 2006 AU: April 6, 2006
Genre(s) Sports

When did Super Mario Strikers come out?

November 18, 2005
Super Mario Strikers/Initial release dates

How do you play Mario Strikers Charged?


  1. A button: Pass ball, switch control of players when not in possession of the ball.
  2. B button: Charge/Shoot ball.
  3. Analog stick: Move, point in the direction you want to go.
  4. Z Button: Chip ball ahead.
  5. Z+A: Air pass.
  6. Z+B: Lob shot.
  7. C button: Use items.
  8. Shake remote: hit/tackle players.

Will there ever be another Mario Strikers?

Will there be a WarioWare for switch?

WarioWare™: Get It Together! for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details.

Is Mario Golf Coming to switch?

A new, content-packed Mario Golf game comes to the Nintendo Switch™ system. Keep the action fresh with several modes like Standard Golf, Speed Golf, Golf Adventure, and more. Simple controls and an improved shot gauge make this a game for rookies and pros alike.

Will Nintendo make another Mario Strikers?

Nintendo announced earlier this year that they have acquired Next Level Games to make first-party titles for them. Next Level Games is behind titles like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the reboot of the Punch Out! series. However, with the recency of the acquisition, a new Mario Strikers game is more likely to come in 2022.

When did Super Mario Strikers Charged come out?

It is insane. Super Mario Strikers, which released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2005, and Mario Strikers Charged, which released on the Nintendo Wii in 2007, are some of the least-appreciated Mario titles out there at the moment.

Is there going to be Mario Superstar strikers?

Mario Superstar Strikers is an upcoming Wii U game and the third installment in the Mario Strikers series. It has a lot of similarities to past installments, especially Mario Strikers Charged, returning Super Abilities as well as Mega Strikes for captains, and Skillshots for the many different sidequicks.

Can you play Mario Strikers Charged on WiFi?

In addition to the local single-player and multiplayer modes, the game also featured online regional multiplayer, which used the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Unlike most games that had Wi-Fi features, Mario Strikers Charged ‘s game data can be copied (but not moved) onto an SD Card. However, all Wi-Fi related data could not be copied.

What do goalies do in Super Mario Strikers?

Goalies, or keepers as they are known in the European version, are the final line of defense. They are permitted to use their hands to block goals, but often are forced to use their bodies to do so. Each type of player has different types of skills available to them.

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