Are brass andirons worth anything?

Are brass andirons worth anything?

Answer: Depending on condition and rarity, andirons have sold in a wide price range, from a few hundred dollars a pair to well in excess of $1,000 a set, according to information provided by dealer catalogues and collectors. Some of the more valuable andirons were fashioned in the East, such as in Pennsylvania.

What are andirons fireplace?

Andirons, a pair of horizontal iron bars on short legs and placed parallel to the sides of the fireplace to support burning logs, were used from the Iron Age. A vertical guard bar at the front, placed to prevent logs from rolling into the rooms, is often decorated ornately.

What are brass andirons?

Often the andirons are decoratively fashioned of intricate wrought iron or polished brass lathe work. Andirons are designed to provide a space underneath the firewood for the lighter and more flammable materials that are used to start a fire.

How do you clean andirons on a fireplace?

Remove the andirons from the fireplace and take them outside to clean them. Wipe them down with an old cloth to remove the soot and then use a wire brush to scrub the andirons. This will complete the cleaning of the andirons. Don’t use water.

Are andirons necessary?

Although it is no longer necessary to cook in the fireplace, it is quite an enjoyable activity. The only things needed for cooking with andirons are andirons with spit hooks, a spit and a drip tray if fat comes off the food. You can thread all kinds of food onto the spit and grill or cook it.

What are andirons made of?

Andirons and fire dogs are devices made of metal and (rarely) ceramic which support the firewood. They normally stand upon short legs and are usually connected with an upright guard. The guard keeps the logs in the fireplace as they burn and settle.

Do you need andirons?

Prevent the wood from rolling out of the fire All andirons have an elevation at the front. This prevents the wood from rolling out of the fireplace. This keeps the fire together better, which makes it burn better. In addition, it is safer if burning wood cannot roll out of the fireplace.

What is the point of andirons?

An andiron or firedog, fire-dog or fire dog is a bracket support, normally found in pairs, on which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace, so that air may circulate under the firewood, allowing better burning and less smoke.

Can you paint fireplace andirons?

Before you apply the anti-corrosive paint, you’ll want to apply a high temperature primer. They offer high temperature paint, good for use with fireplace accessories that have high heat exposure such as the andirons, poker tools, and screens. Spray the primer on evenly, holding the can 5 to 8 inches from the surface.

Should you polish brass andirons?

Repeat polishing with brass cleaner if needed for heavily tarnished items. Keep in mind that one expects vintage brass to have an aged patina and while you can likely bring back the original yellow shiny color, maintaining this finish can be a lot of work. Clean, in my opinion, is perfectly acceptable!

How do you clean old brass andirons?

Dip the emery cloth in cooking oil and rub in one direction, not round and round, and when it is clean polish it with a Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloth. Try a piece of lemon dipped in salt, or hot vinegar and salt, to remove corrosion from brass.

Do you need a fireplace grate with andirons?

Fireplace andirons provide a better draft in the fireplace, better burning of the wood (environmental aspect) and hold the wood so that it cannot easily roll out of the fireplace (safety). No grate is required when using large logs or tree trunks. The grate must also fit on the beams of the andirons.

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